Unexpected snow at the Kehlsteinhaus, Germany.

This palace was gifted to Hitler on his 50th birthday by the Nazis. He visited it only 14 times in his life and was visited very often by Eva Braun, his wife. He used it to hold meetings between himself and diplomats and people of importance. It’s called the Eagle’s Nest in English.


(Source: hitchhiking-diaries)

Nothing can stop a man with will power.
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It’s more about the journey than the destination. 🚲

Through and through and through. Sometimes it’s as easy as gliding through open doors, sometimes you have to struggle to open each one. No matter how life is, it’s beautiful. Appreciate it. 🔐

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see darkness.🌻

Landing in Mumbai.

Rain doesn’t make things messy. People do that all on their own.⚡

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My collection of some of the portraits I have taken.

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